Servo motor 400W, 1,27 Nm, 3000rpm

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Brand Name: ADTECH

Model Number: MRMS06040D

Type: Servo Motor

Output Power: 400W

Certification: CE

AC Voltage: 208-230 / 240 V

Product: New AC Servo Motor

Low-Inertia: 3000 prm/minute

Mode MRMS- 06040D

Rated power 400w

Rated voltage 220V AC

rated speed/max speed 3000/3600 Rpm

Rated torque Nm 1.27

Peak torque (instant) Nm 3.81

Torque coefficient Nm/A 0.543

Rotational inertia kgm2x10-4 0.382

Rated current valid A 3

mechanicaltime constant ms 0.76

Encoder 2500 PPR 9 pin   (Incremental 15 pin/Absolute )

Working mode S1 (continuous working)

Insulation grade F class  (150°C)

DielectricVoltagewithstand AC:1500V,1min

Insulation resistance DC:500V,≥10MΩ

Structure Complete shut-off, self-cooled

Vibrate Under 2.5 G

Altitude Under 1000 M

Operate environment Temperature:0~40°C,Humidity:under 90% RH

SG - with oil seal, with key